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Jeffrey Smith Georges, founder of "Georges Leconte Creations", is an entertainment / documentary photographer and graphic artist from Brooklyn, New York.  Descending from a lineage of surrealistic and abstract artists (sculptors and painters), Jeff is the first in his artistic family to take on a camera, a graphic tablet, and a digital pen as his artistic medium.  Jeffrey did not acquire any formal education in photography, but instead, studied his craft during his trials as a New York City street photographer.  Shooting with digital and film, as time progressed, he began to explore horizons beyond NYC. His passion for taking great photographs took him to Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and more.  It wasn't too long until he began to take photographs on a professional level.  Jeffrey also incorporates his studies and experiences in illustration, fine art, Architectural designing, over 10 years of digital still image editing/photo manipulation and his general knowledge of pop culture to make him an effective photographer/graphic artist in today's technologically advanced era.  A majority of Jeffrey's works are self-conceptualized.


Georges Leconte Creations provides the following still image services








Although, based in New York City, photography and digital still image services from "Georges Leconte Creations" has no jurisdiction.  Services are open to clients, globally.


"Let me know what you're thinking and I will show you how it looks like".  



                         Videography Coming Soon



P H O T O G R A P H E R &
G R A P H I C    A R T I S T


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